If You Want To Save Money and  help Reduce Carbon Emissions while enjoying free electricity or even supplement your existing power a home solar panel may be just what your looking for.

Many people find the idea of being protected in a power failure luring enough to investigate home solar panels. Usually the first stop is the local home solar power retailer or installer for a quote.

It all sounds great until the installer starts spurting quotes like “10,000  or $20,000 for a small system”.

Alas there are some secrets to saving with home solar so welcome to my website where hopeful you will gain the insight to help you reduce some carbon emissions.

And some great info on alternatives to big dollars for home solar.


home solar panel

If you have been looking at home solar power…and decided that waiting 10 years to recoup your investment or start seeing any savings is to long then … this site home solar panel hub is the perfect place for you to begin looking at alternatives and guides to help your dream turn to reality!

How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: “I Wish I Knew How To Save Money”

Now more  affordable than  before home solar panels are within reach for people like  you and me.  Converting is one of the bigger investment decisions you’ll ever make, getting the value for your dollar is important.

That’s where this website can help you find the right information to get you started for a fraction of what a solar company installer charges.

Regardless of  your level of skill, you can lower the cost of your  own home solar panel system.

You no longer have to wait years to recoup your investment.

Find out how to get  solar panels for your home or even build your own solar panels with full system and save money at the same time!solar panels for your home

Home Solar Power Can Be……

  • Free resource…means you can generate more electricity than you may need for your family
  • Rewarding,satisfaction are yours … your become a great role model for your family and community
  • Sustainable Energy….You now do your part in Urgently Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • You Making a difference.. Stop waiting for someone else (like the electricity companies)to do it.
  • Your Protected In the Event of a …Power Failure(no more throwing good food from the freezer)
  • Saving animals in Antarctica , and endangered species(global warming is affecting there food supply and survival rate)
  • Your Protected From Rising Energy Costs

One of the secrets to  getting value for money is  doing most or the solar setup yourself and a good guide can ensure your success. .

What Everybody Should Know… before converting to a Home Solar Panel

1)  Solar Sun hours for your location. Even thought the sun shines in daylight hours the amount of collectable solar energy sun can vary from 2 to 6 solar hours depending on your location.

2)  Average electricity consumption you and your family use for winter and summer(look at the back of your electricity bill for averages)

3)    How much energy different appliances in your home use.

If you can use hand tools, connect wires, you can build a 6kw System for your home!.

With step-by-step guides to help you save money you can reduce or eliminate the cost of home solar. You can start immediately for instantaneous savings , protecting  yourself from increasing energy costs.